A team of experts at your horse’s service

Ravene Laboratory supports you daily through a wide range of care products, designed for each and every horse.

Protocole Emouchine
Je réponds à quelques questions et reçois le protocole de soins anti-insectes sur-mesure pour mon cheval !

As they all deserve special attentions, Ravene combines the best of nature and of the science to cater to your horse’s needs

Tailored care routines

Each horse is different, that is why the best care routine is one that is tailored to your horse’s specific needs (activities, way of life…).

What are your horse’s needs? Let us guide you through…

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Fly repellent protocol
Mane and tail protocol
External care protocol

A large range

Thanks to our wide distribution network, you will find our products in a large number of partner stockists, as well as on our official webshop.

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